François GAUCHER - Founder and President.

After some successful experiences in real-estate broking, financing, portfolio management and in working out disputes, in 1994 François GAUCHER co-founded a real-estate investment organisation. GDG PARTICIPATIONS, in 2 years acquired thirty real-estate assets for a total amount of €40 million. In October 2006, GDG PARTICIPATIONS was sold for more than €65 million.

In parallel, from 2004 onwards, François GAUCHER created PEGASE PARTNERS HOLDING (formerly FRANCOIS INVESTISSEMENTS). The Group, among other things, provided sourcing and asset management for COMPAGNIE FONCIERE – FIDEIMUR and assisted with its introduction onto the Stock Exchange (Euronext)at the beginning of 2007.

At the end of 2007 François GAUCHER created PEGASE PARTNERS, grouping together several service companies that were experienced and dedicated to the acquisition, management and marketing of large real-estate asset portfolios with a preference for “special situations” giving rise to particular challenges (litigation, unclaimed assets, location, conversion, etc. )

The sole shareholder and director of PEGASE PARTNERS, after selling assets valued at approximately €480 million after their development, today François GAUCHER controls real-estate assets worth €323 million and has managed to bring profitable entities in the principal real-estate trades (management, construction, marketing, etc.) together within the same organisation.

These entities are achieving a significant share of their sales figures with services to customers outside the Group.