The company

Who are we ?

PEGASE PARTNERS, have 20 years of experience in real-estate and banking sectors as well as expertise in land management. PEGASE combines the professions and skills in the major real-estate fields: Sourcing for its own benefit, Asset Management, Rental management, Administrative and Accounting management, Sourcing for third parties, Delegate Works and Project contractor and even Marketing. These skills, brought together at the heart of one company, have a great capacity for wealth generation and a competitive rate of completion.

PEGASE PARTNERS HOLDING, is the PEGASE Group parent company. It made its first acquisition in February 2008. It directly or indirectly holds control of 5 major subsidiaries, which own the real-estate assets of the PEGASE Group. PPH provides the administrative, financial and legal management of Group entities and the staff assigned to these functions.


The company was established in Luxembourg by François GAUCHER at the end of 2007 to make hedging investments in different real-estate sectors. The company has experienced rapid growth by taking advantage of investment opportunities with strong potential for added value. The company relies on a strategy and a method which have proven their reliability : rapid partial resale, with capital gains, of a large proportion of the assets enabling rapid debt reduction and consolidating the remaining balance of the project into a real-estate portfolio financed on a long term basis.


The company was established in Luxembourg in May 2009 by PEGASE PARTNERS HOLDING. Originally intended to be a real-estate management company, from 2010 it moved towards the inclusion of real-estate trading activities by acquiring buildings intended for spit sales particularly in Paris and its inner suburbs.


Is a 50/50 joint-venture bringing together PEGASE PARTNERS HOLDING and the investment holding company PROVESTIS controlled by Daniel Bernard, former President of the CARREFOUR Group and Chairman of KINGFISHER PLC, established to acquire a substantial real-estate asset portfolio of firms in difficulty.

The new PEGASE model

From early 2013 until summer 2015, PEGASE did not wish to invest in an economic environment. The company focused exclusively on its tenants’ difficult financial situations, completing its construction projects and wealth generation which have all been maintained.

During this period more than €100 million was raised, nearly €19 million worth of construction projects completed and approximately €57 million consolidated appropriations.

Whilst still in the process of lightening its balance sheet and financial commitments PEGASE also aims to position itself in today’s world as an Opportunistic Fund.

BUILD new common ground and a bridge between available cash and real-estate.

• INNOVATION as much with materials as with construction techniques, in the rental use of premises and even with potential vertical expansions.

• INVENT distribution channels.

• FAVOUR boldness and humans in the choice of all new investment projects.

Chairman's message

« Real-estate and bank financing, two inseparable worlds and yet … »

For more than half a century real-estate projects have been developed on the basis of bank financing adapted to the nature of the project.

This “partnership” has gone through growths and crises with norms and responses to the market which we are well aware of today.

The period that we are going through today combines :

•   the costs of bank debt which are at an all time low,
•   a very low return on investments in the financial markets,
•   and within the context of the start of a new cyclical downturn.

The banking world’s output teams are the most reduced that they have been for 60 years.

Acquisition and development projects are numbed because the environment and its future course are not transparent. There is doubt everywhere and equity capital is no longer being invested.

Isn’t real-estate, like all fundamental consumption habits, energy, methods of transport or ways of working, at the dawn of a conceptual, operational and financial revolution?

This is where the ambition of PEGASE, of the men and women who form the company, adopt a creative and innovative approach.