Summary asset figures

PEGASE PARTNERS HOLDING holds controlling interest in the 41 organisations that own the company assets. 28 of the organisations are held at 100 %.

  • The value of the group’s retained assets was established at €312,500,000 as at 30 October 2015.
  • The net annual rental income is estimated at €18,000,000 and there are potentially additional benefits.
  • The bulk of PPH real-estate assets is located in Paris and in the Paris region.
  • The company also has assets in the provinces, in Le Havre, Marseilles and in Brittany.

To manage its assets and development, PPH has :

  • An internal rental management department.
  • An efficient department for sourcing and negotiating purchases, mainly focused on “impaired” assets.

Real-estate assets represent a total surface area of 213,095 m2 distributed as follows :